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Thank you to all of you who tried Anna Farrell Gold Particle Shampoo. I began this project almost two years ago and during this time, I enjoyed learning from all of our wonderful customers. It was a great opportunity to learn about sustainable shampoo and the industry. I set out to create something special and I am very proud of my achievements which all of you, our loyal customers made possible.

This year, I began my MBA studies and realised that giving this business everything won’t be possible while dedicating my time to my studies. I felt that handing the business to someone else to run, wasn’t the right choice for me. So it was time to decide where to place my focus, and my MBA studies must take priority.

Our final stock is available for our loyal customers, please contact us if you would like some of our last bottles. I wish you all the best and thank you again for your trust in our products.

Anna Farrell Switzerland