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Anna Farrell Instagram Reviews
Social Media is buzzing about Anna Farrell Switzerland.  From the European beauty influencers to...
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Zurich Film Festival
Women in Film - The Zurich Film Festival
Anna Farrell on the Green Carpet What a moving time I had at this year’s Zurich Film Festival,...
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My Shampoo Story
Anna Wins Over Warsaw
I have just returned from a fantastic trip to the great city of Warsaw where I met some clients and partners....
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Successful Start - “Meet and Greet” Road Trip
Successful Start It has been an amazing first two months for our company, and we owe every bit of our...
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Anna Farrell Gold Shampoo
Anna Farrell Preorders have begun
Our first batch sold out in just 8 days!  Thanks so much to all of you who have contacted us in June...
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Anna Farrell swiss shampoo
Anna Farrell Swiss Limited Edition Natural Shampoos
Our Limited Edition Swiss Shampoo Story Begins With the launch of our new real gold particle shampoo,...
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