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International Women’s Day

Anna Farrell Author

would like to say “Thank you” to women for their strength, resilience, and determination. These women have made huge progress towards women’s rights and gender equality across the world. Their contributions to society are immeasurable, and their voices are vital for creating a better world for all of us. 

Throughout history, women have fought and continue to fight for their rights, their voices, and their place in society. Women have shattered glass ceilings in science, business, sports, and other fields, proving that women are capable of achieving anything.

While it’s important to acknowledge the social and political aspects of women’s empowerment on International Women’s Day, it’s also important to recognise that there are smaller, more personal ways in which women can feel empowered in their daily lives. One such way is by taking care of their hair, which can have a significant impact on their self-confidence and overall well-being. By being the gold particle shampoo you are contributing to the overall goal – change the future for women. 

Anna Farrell supports women’s empowerment by investing a portion of the proceeds of each bottle. This year a lot of women have bought our gold particle shampoo, contributing a very significant part to this project.

Let’s continue to make step-by-step changes that will influence the future TOGETHER. 

Keep fighting for your rights and for the rights of all women, and know that you are making a difference. Happy International Women’s Day!

2023 is women's year

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