Successful Start – “Meet and Greet” Road Trip

Anna Farrell Author

Successful Start

It has been an amazing first two months for our company, and we owe every bit of our success to all of you who have tried our new gold particle shampoo.

Our online sales have been incredible, and the response we have received from preferred retailers, has been enthusiastic.

We wish to thank all of you who have followed our social media and for all the kind of feedback you have given us about our shampoo.


The last two weeks, we have traveled throughout Europe to meet with prospective preferred retailers. We have covered almost 3000 km, not by flying but rather by driving, In order to reduce the amount of impact the environment.


Thank you to all the powerful and successful women I met during our trip to Germany, Poland, Latvia and Belarus.

We will now begin a 10 day vacation and return with some exciting news about a new retail partnership with one of Eastern Europe’s largest and most exclusive beauty retailers. I look forward to seeing all of you in August and I wish you a fantastic summer! 💛

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